Beginning in 2020, Corrections Canada will establish prison farms as a for-profit institutional agribusiness in the form of an intensive livestock operation. Prisoners will factory farm thousands of goats to produce milk for the private sector, reportedly for Feihe International’s infant formula exports to China, which goes against domestic and international human rights and trade laws.

Evolve Our Prison Farms is a national justice movement advocating ethical prison farms. We oppose any model that exploits prisoners or animals for institutional or corporate gain. We support alternative models that are restorative and healing for prisoners, animals, and earth.

COVID-19: In response to the pandemic, Evolve Our Prison Farms proposes that Canada’s prison farms be converted into a food bank project to address the threat of food insecurity during and after COVID-19.

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“These farms can form a foundation for a healthier, more sustainable and more compassionate future for us all. Prisoners can lead the way.”

• Editor, Out of Bounds Prison Magazine