Prison Abattoir Report: Wallace Beef and Corrections Canada

NEW: The second edition of Bloody Bad Business: Report on the Joyceville Institution Abattoir, published August 2022, is now available here.

August 31, 2021: Evolve Our Prison Farms has released a new report, Bloody Bad Business: Report on the Joyceville Institution Abattoir.

Download the report to view the human rights violations, legal violations, institutional violations, regulatory violations, contractual violations, and ethical violations documented over the 26-year partnership between the Correctional Service of Canada and Wallace Beef Inc.

This report contains never-before-seen information extracted by Evolve Our Prison Farms through Access to Information. The documents – dating from 1995 to 2018 – took three years to obtain, multiple delay complaints, and a legal order from the Information Commissioner of Canada who ruled that CSC had refused access.

This report was written by Calvin Neufeld, founder of Evolve Our Prison Farms, and reviewed by the former Inmate Committee Chairman at Joyceville Institution.

Evolve Our Prison Farms is a grassroots advocacy group defending against social and environmental harms, and envisioning a sustainable, equitable and feasible prison farm program that addresses the interlocking principles of prisoner justice, food justice, animal justice and environmental justice.

IN THE NEWS: Prison farm abattoir lease will be up at end of September; Twice over the past three years regular staff and inmates have been busted for illegal activities, Ontario Farmer, Sept 14 2021