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Prison Farms & Feihe Connection

Who is buying our prison milk?

Details of the prison farm plans have been released with one glaring omission: naming the buyer.

Evolve Our Prison Farms calls on Correctional Service Canada and the Minister of Public Safety to issue a clear statement either confirming or denying that the prison-sourced milk will be sold to the Feihe International infant formula factory, where it will be processed and shipped to China.


[Prison Farm Advisory Panel co-chair Dianne Dowling] said CSC wanted goats as part of the program with the Kingston Feihe plant opening in the near future. “The federal government’s interest and approval of the goat operation is related to increased demand for goat milk in eastern Ontario that will come with the Feihe plant,” she said. The Kingston Whig-Standard, June 21 2018

None of the milk will be processed on site. Instead, the hope is that both the cow’s milk and the goat’s milk will be shipped to the Feihe Int. processing plant currently under construction in the Kingston area, although no plans have been finalized. The new facility is backed by the Chinese government., June 21 2018

Around 500 dairy goats will join the cows, with hopes of expanding to more than 1,000 goats in the coming years when a major infant formula facility opens in Kingston. The Globe and Mail, June 21 2018

Corrections Services Canada will be looking to develop goat milking operations, manned by inmates, that will see product going to the nearby Feihe plant to be turned into baby formula for the Chinese market. Frontenac News, March 14, 2018

The prison farm could take part in such new opportunities as goat farming, since there will be a large demand for goat milk locally once the Feihe International plant opens by the early winter of 2019. The Kingston Whig-Standard, May 12 2018

[Prison Farm Advisory Panel co-chair] Dowling points to a looming demand for both cow and goat milk from an upcoming Chinese-owned infant formula factory in Kingston. The London Free Press, March 16 2018

[Prison Farm Advisory Panel co-chair] Dowling believes the move to dairy goats is because of the China-owned Feihe infant formula factory due to open in Kingston next year, with CORCAN possibly providing some of the goat milk it will need. “Definitely it’s connected to the marketing opportunity with Feihe,” she said.The Kingston Whig-Standard, March 8 2018

New Chinese baby formula plant to buy Canadian milk — but at what price? A CBC News investigative report detailing federal funding, access to information requests, missing information, and tracking the Feihe connection back to 2016, timing which coincides with the government launching its public consultation process into reopening the prison farms. CBC News, August 3 2017