In 2011, Canada’s prison farms were dismantled under the former Conservative government’s “Tough on Crime” agenda. The farms were not financially sustainable and were tainted by numerous allegations of physical and sexual abuse.

In 2018, the Liberal government announced it would restore prison farms, beginning in Kingston Ontario, claiming they will “emphasize rehabilitation” through “animal therapy” and “promote local sustainability.”

The former prison farms produced food for prisoners. Now prisoners will factory farm goats to produce infant formula for the Chinese market. This has nothing to do with rehabilitation, therapy, or sustainability.


Dairy operations involve:

  • Using insemination guns to cause pregnancy and lactation

  • Removing newborns so milk can be harvested for humans

  • Systematically slaughtering male infants

  • Painfully burning horns off kids and calves

  • Slaughtering mothers when milk declines


Green agriculture and sanctuary would:

  • Produce healthy food for prisoners

  • Model climate change solutions

  • Teach life skills and responsibility

  • Offer job training consistent with market trends

  • Nurture compassion and non-violence