Consultant Job Description:

Business Case for Ethical Prison Farms

Advocacy group Evolve Our Prison Farms is seeking a consultant to create an ethical business case for the federally funded prison farm program in Kingston, Ontario. This business case will demonstrate the viability of prison farms serving a social justice purpose.

Government’s Prison Farm Plan: In 2020-2022, Corrections Canada will begin establishing a 1500-goat industrial dairy to supply a transnational infant formula corporation. Beef cattle are also being introduced to be farmed for external markets, as well as dairy cows whose milk will go to research quota (instead of to prisons or to market) due to privatized prison food service and market quota restrictions.

Evolve Our Prison Farms’ Proposal: A sanctuary farm that would constitute a pilot project in food justice, climate solutions, and animal-assisted therapy. Prison farms should be evidence-based, plant-based, nonexploitative, healing and restorative for prisoners, animals, environment, and society.

Our priorities:

  • Indigenous Justice: Can prison farms grow produce for indigenous communities where the cost of healthy food is prohibitive?
  • Food Justice: Can prison farms ensure that there isn’t one hungry person in the communities surrounding the prisons?
  • Climate Justice: Can prison farms be a pilot project in farming for the future?
  • Animal Justice: Can a therapeutic animal sanctuary be synergistically partnered with plant-based food production on the prison farms?
  • COVID-19: In light of the pandemic, can prison farms operate as a federally funded food production project for food banks and food-insecure communities?

The possibilities are endless for prison farms to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable society instead of exploiting prison labour, animals, and natural resources to advance industry interests. We have received a grant to hire a consultant who can bring our vision to life in a way that will convince the government, the Correctional Service of Canada, and the public.

Project must be completed in 2020. Work must be conducted remotely. Compensation to be negotiated.

We welcome your ideas, questions, and feedback. Please submit your application by May 15, 2020 to:

Calvin Neufeld
Founder, Evolve Our Prison Farms

Volunteer Positions:

Advocacy group Evolve Our Prison Farms is seeking part-time and temporary volunteers in the following areas:

  • Outreach
  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Podcast production
  • Marketing
  • Business case development
  • Other: how can your unique skills help Evolve Our Prison Farms?

We welcome all ideas, questions, and feedback. Volunteers can receive letters of reference to add to your portfolio. Application process is informal. Contact:

Calvin Neufeld
Founder, Evolve Our Prison Farms